Blessed Imbolc candlesSome calendars, such as this one, Pagan Calendar/UK, show today, February 1st, 2015 as Imbolc.  (pronounced “IM-bulk” or “EM-bowlk”), also called Oimealg, (“IM-mol’g), by the Druids.  Others show the date as February 2nd.  The website, The Celtic Connection, has a really good description of the holiday and the symbols as well as the history.

Imbolc is supposed to mark the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  By my rudimentary calculations, that date should actually be February 3rd or 4th.

For me, this is just a point in the year to recognize that Winter is on the downhill slide.  Which means that our wettest winter months are yet to occur.  Here in the middle of the country, from mid-February through March is when our biggest snow storms generally occur.  And today we were lucky enough to have a little one!  It was kind of cool to have great big snowflakes falling from the sky as I sat in my nice warm house sipping on hot coffee.  And to make the day even better, it was Super Bowl Sunday!  I like football too!

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Now, most people around here moan and grumble when we get snowy weather.  Not me!  I love the snow!  I hate having to drive in it, but I love watching it fall and the beautiful and serene landscapes it creates!  And the most important part is that it brings the much needed moisture the trees and shrubs need during this cold and dry part of the year.  They may seem to be dead, but their roots are still alive and still feeding the rest of the plant.  Even in it’s dormant state, the plants are still very much alive.

So, at this center point of the season, the best gardening activities to participate in are the dreaming and planning of the upcoming seasons gardens.  Pull out last year’s garden journal and take a look at your notes, what plants thrived in what areas?  What could you plant in areas that didn’t do so well?  Pull out the seed catalogs and start your seed list.  Are there new varieties to try?  Are you going to be canning, drying, or preserving your bounty?  Or are you planning to only eat what matures and not grow more than you need?  Now is the time to think about and answer those questions.

On the spiritual side of things, don’t forget to appreciate the weather the way it is.  The surprise warm days and the bitter cold days all have purpose.  And they all share their own individual beauty.  It’s up to us to see it. acknowledge it, and accept it.

Today’s beautiful snowfall is tomorrow’s moisture that will assist all the beautiful trees, shrubs, and bulbs to bloom when their time comes!

Have a wonderful Imbolc and may your weather bring you pleasure and joy!



Crocus flowers in snow

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