If you have been following this site since I started it in August, 2014, you know that I left an accounting job to change my life and do something completely different.  I thought that would be running this site, piddling in my garden, meditating, and learning how to live my life in a more authentic way.

That is not what the Universe had in store for me!

You see, we still need my income in order to make ends meet.  The problem then became, what kind of jobs to apply for that will still meet my need to be authentic and true to myself at the same time bringing in a decent income?  Believe me, I’ve searched and searched and meditated and consulted the cards and all kinds of things trying to figure out what kind of job would allow me to grow spiritually and still pay well enough to be worth driving to!  I even had a few interviews!

It didn’t take me as long as I expected to finally get a job that will still allow me the time to be creative!  And it isn’t an “Accounting” position!

The position that I found is a part-time position to start out with.  The company is a small independently owned structural engineering firm that is perched on the brink of expansion!  So far, there are the owners, a husband and wife team, and 5 employees not counting me.  My position will be more of an Administrative Assistant rather than a true accountant.  I get to start out working in spreadsheets that have been designed by my boss and eventually I’ll be taking over most of the detail office tasks so that my employers will be able to concentrate more fully on their own areas of expertise!

I am excited about this position because it will allow me to feel like I’m actually helping them.  What I do will be appreciated and will save them time.  That emotional fulfillment means more to me than the actual pay.  I know, sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?  I mean, I am taking a HUGE cut in pay to work here so that I can feel good about what I do and be appreciated for being me.  The me that is detail oriented, loves to play with spreadsheets, likes to feel useful, and gets to even do a little payroll action too.  Ok, the payroll part at the moment is just tracking hours to the right jobs, but hey, it’s still details!

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I’m going to miss the money I used to make.  But that’s ok.  I’m not making any money now!  Just having a paycheck with my name on it is going to feel awesome!

So, how is this going to help me with my spiritual quest?  It’s only part-time right now.  That means that I will still have time to meditate, garden, and write!  Eventually the position is supposed to become a full-time position with benefits.  And that’s ok too.  I am learning to be flexible and to accept the opportunities that the Universe presents.  This is not an easy thing for me!  This learning to be flexible thing is rather unnerving and scary.  But, that is a really big part of my growth process!

Another part is learning to balance work and play.  What am I talking about?  I need to learn balance, period.  You see, I have a tendency to get a little too focused on things.  Not really obsessive, just focused.  To the point that I have difficulty pulling away from whatever I’m doing to answer a question or a phone call.  Ok, let me say that more simply, I don’t handle interruptions well.  This is another quirk I’m working on.

I guess, with all this being said, I am grateful that the Universe has presented me with an opportunity to begin working for a company that is already successful and poised to be an even bigger success in the future!  My position is only loosely defined at the moment which means that it will be whatever I make it into.  And I am genuinely hoping that this will be the LAST job search I’ll EVER have to go through because this could be the last job I ever have.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for!

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck and congratulated me on my accomplishment!  I really appreciate the support!


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