It’s been a long time since I’ve written here on my blog.  But, after a weekend discussion with my husband about my options for getting out of the 9 to 5 working world and do something more meaningful yet less time intensive.  He suggested giving readings for a living since I was so good at them 15 years ago.  Well, according to tonight’s cards, “No, the path you are considering won’t work!”  You will not make enough money to cover all your expenses and you are being way to naive to believe you could!

Here are the cards using a yes/no reading:

  • Ten of Pentacles, reversed.
  • Six of Cups, reversed
  • The Star
  • Princess of Pentacles, reversed
  • King of Wands, reversed
  • The Fool, reversed


I think the cards are saying that there won’t be enough of an income to cover my expenses and any lump sums of money that I may be fantasizing about will not manifest.  (10 of Pentacles and Princess of Pentacles) Many years ago I also had this idea to live off the income from readings.  (Six of Cups) And now it appears that I am glamorizing that idea and maybe exaggerating just how good my readings really were.  I mean, if they were so great, why didn’t I stick with it?  Why didn’t those clients come back again and tell all their friends about it?

Besides that, I haven’t actually pictured myself being successful at giving readings.  (The Star) IF that is truly what I want to do with my life, then I must visualize it and feel a passion for it.  Hmm. There’s a hint.  I don’t really feel a passion for giving readings.  That would be my husband’s idea and he is also the one who keeps telling me that I am the most accurate psychic he’s ever met!  While that comment makes me feel good, it is very biased and based on the fact he hasn’t met all that many.

Back to the reading.  The princess of Pentacles and the King of Wands could represent me and my husband.  I’ve never been known to keep money for long and he’s never been know to be able to follow a plan.  Another meaning could be bad news about finances or one of us may lose a job.  And that one of us may just be him.  (He is part-time right now and there has been a huge decrease in work availability.)

And then the last card.  The Fool Reversed.  I am not looking at the reality of our situation.  As we currently live, there is no way that I can make enough money by myself, at my regular job, let alone doing readings, to cover all of our expenses.

Take away/message

So what do I take away from this reading?  I really do have a good job right here.  I’m good at it and I can visualize myself in this position, making money, for at least another year or two.  (The Star.)

And financially we are doing ok at the moment, but there are no large sums of money in reserve to cover anything should something catastrophic happen.  Again, that goes back to needing to stay where we are until those reserves can be built.  (Ten of Pentacles & Princess of Pentacles).

Emotionally I need to do my best to suck it up.  In the past I glamorized my future by believing that I would someday be able to retire and still have all the luxuries I have now.  According to these cards, (Six of Cups and the Fool Reversed), I would be really stupid to believe that I have the kind of time it will take to build the kind of nest egg I will need to get me through 20 to 30 years of not working.


So, when a witch gets tired of working for a living and just wants to be free to do what she pleases, how does she make enough money to pay for it?  Readings can’t cover everything.  Even growing and selling herbs won’t cover much.  I guess the key is to reduce expenses as quickly as possible.  Cut everything back so we are living on just one income and the other person’s income goes directly into savings.  Don’t incur any new debt and maybe after a year or two we will have enough money to buy a piece of property without a loan.  Something with a decent place to live with lots of off-grid amenities.

I can only hope that our health will allow us to fulfill this dream of mine!  We aren’t very young any more and that’s only going to get worse!

Thank you for reading.