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Some thoughts…

It has come to my attention that when a person is on a spiritual path, they will change their diet.  They switch to a more “healthy” diet like becoming a vegetarian or vegan.  I’m not sure I am spiritually ready to let go of all my food habits yet!  As you can see from my picture, I am a little chunky at the moment.  Ok, not really chunky any more.  I’m down right fat!  And I hate it!

Selfie Aug 8, 2018

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  It takes every ounce of energy I have to get out of bed in the morning and work my desk job just to keep a roof over our heads.  I’ve been told that I could apply for disability with these ailments.  But, I’m thinking that as long as I CAN get out of bed, then I will.  When I can no-longer function well enough to be productive at work, then I’ll consider other options. In the mean time, I am trying to get control over my eating habits and not just because I’m fat.

When I stick to an all organic diet of fresh, non-processed foods, I am MUCH more energetic and my pain is more manageable!  I KNOW this kind of diet makes me feel better, but I’m a sucker for anything sweet! And pasta!  Oh my!  I love pasta and potatoes and cookies and ice cream and… Where was I?

Back to the diet.  Now that I am making it a point to put it “out” there that my goal is to become healthier and possibly more spiritual in the process, I should at least have some kind of plan.  Right?

So here it is.  Currently I weigh 185 lbs. and I’m 5′ 5″ tall.  Most of my weight is in my stomach which I think makes me look pregnant!  Or really badly bloated!  My goal is to get down to 130 lbs.  Anyway, my doctor has explained that because of my blood type, I should be on a paleo- slash keto-diet.  Which means:

  • No sugar
  • No grains
  • No dairy (except eggs)
  • No alcohol
  • No process meats

This means that I have to read labels.  Did you know that there is added sugar and salt in almost everything you buy at the super-market?  To avoid these added poisons you have to buy fresh, unprocessed foods.  And that means spending a LOT more time cooking and preparing meals!  This is where my system fails every day!  I’m exhausted all the time right?  So standing in the kitchen, chopping and cooking, which I used to LOVE to do, is exhausting!  And I have a husband who thinks “low-fat” everything is going to be his ticket to weight loss so he buys lots of low-fat tv dinners.  Yup, tv dinners.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them too.  And they are VERY convenient!  I just wish they didn’t have all the added crap in them!

I have already started a form of this paleo-type of diet.  I no longer put sugar in my coffee.  Now I use raw, unfiltered honey.  It’s still sugar, but at least it’s not processed to death!  And I also put 1/2 cup of sugar in 1 gallon of tea.  I used to use almost a full cup!  I found that by drinking a lighter roast coffee and a tea that is a blend of black and green teas, they aren’t as bitter to start with and I use less sweetener anyway.

I also don’t eat as much bread or pastas.  And if I do eat bread, it’s GOT to be organic whole wheat or full of seeds!  The key with this item is ORGANIC!  I also have acid reflux and anything with wheat that isn’t organic makes me bloat really bad and causes the GERD symptoms.  (I’m thinking it’s the glyphosate on the wheat that’s causing those symptoms!)  I have switch to not only organic wheat items but also rice pastas.  But, rice is still a grain.  I did get to a point where I wasn’t eating grains except maybe once or twice a week.  I have to admit, I’ve been so hungry lately that I’ve added them back into my daily calorie intake simply to help me feel full.  I need to replace those calories with some protein instead.

I really like cheese!  Especially on my pasta!  And in my head I always tell myself that it’s a protein and it’s good for me!  Not so much.  I can’t drink a glass of milk without it hurting my stomach so why do I think cheese is ok?  This food is actually one of the easiest to let go of for me.  Cheese is expensive and I HATE spending that kind of money on it!

Then we get to the “no alcohol” part.  I like beer.  No!  I REALLY LIKE BEER!  It’s one of my vices.  But, again, beer is made with grains.  And the grains have glyphosate on them.  Beer makes me bloat and screws with my blood sugars.  When I go a few days without a beer, my stomach shrinks a little and doesn’t feel so tight and “in my face”!

I don’t like processed meats all that well.  They are full of salt and nitrates and are a weired texture.  If I can hide them between two pieces of bread and wash them down with a beer I hardly notice it!

So what is my basic plan moving forward?

My plan is to start, again, with one thing.  Remove one thing from my diet each week and replace it with something healthier.  For example, green tea or a blend of green and black so I won’t miss the sugar that isn’t in there.  Cook my eggs in coconut or avocado oil instead of bacon grease.  Crunchy carrots as snacks instead of potato chips.  So what do I start on this week?

Well, I just bought a bunch of oatmeal and rice noodles that my husband doesn’t really like, so I need to wait on them.  I also have almost a whole 12 pack of beer in the fridge.   I just made a gallon of tea with sugar in it.  Lunch meat!  Oh wait, we have a bunch of lunch meat too.  Cheese.  I can start by eliminating cheese!

That was easy!  I wonder what I’ll eliminate next?

Just kidding!

I know I need to take this seriously!  It really is time to clean up my diet.  My plan is to go ahead and eat what I have on hand.  Not all at once!  But when I go to the store next, I’ll avoid adding more of the bad stuff to my pantry!  It’s easier to eliminate things when you already have a more healthy option on hand to take it’s place.

I guess I’ll have to stop back in and post again when I’ve made some progress!

Thanks for listening!


 is here!

Onstellar is a new social media forum for the UFO and alternative groups.  You can sign up here:

I’m still such a newbie to blockchain I can’t really describe how it works!  But, it’s an alternative to FaceBook and other social media sites.  Check it out!  Maybe it will be a hit!


My First Dose of CBD OIL!

Nature’s medicines:


Bill and I finally broke down and bought some CBD oil from our local health food store.  The brand we purchased is American Shaman.   We both took our first dose this morning and were surprised to actually be able to feel a difference!  Bill described it as “everything is smoothing out!”  For me it was like my tendons were more relaxed and the pain I normally feel all over was just not nearly as bad!  It’s all very interesting!

Boswellia Serrata

Another interesting find is Boswellia Serrata or Frankencense.  Turns out that it’s an anti-inflammatory agent.  We both chose different combinations of this herb along with others to try as well.  So far, I’m not noticing any differences with the version I purchased.  But, we’ll see.


Since these are brand new herbs to me, I will have to do some major research to find out just how effective they are against his arthritis pain and my fibromyalgia.  I’ll put all my findings together and will post an article about them soon.




No, The Path You Are Considering Won’t Work!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here on my blog.  But, after a weekend discussion with my husband about my options for getting out of the 9 to 5 working world and do something more meaningful yet less time intensive.  He suggested giving readings for a living since I was so good at them 15 years ago.  Well, according to tonight’s cards, “No, the path you are considering won’t work!”  You will not make enough money to cover all your expenses and you are being way to naive to believe you could!

Here are the cards using a yes/no reading:

  • Ten of Pentacles, reversed.
  • Six of Cups, reversed
  • The Star
  • Princess of Pentacles, reversed
  • King of Wands, reversed
  • The Fool, reversed


I think the cards are saying that there won’t be enough of an income to cover my expenses and any lump sums of money that I may be fantasizing about will not manifest.  (10 of Pentacles and Princess of Pentacles) Many years ago I also had this idea to live off the income from readings.  (Six of Cups) And now it appears that I am glamorizing that idea and maybe exaggerating just how good my readings really were.  I mean, if they were so great, why didn’t I stick with it?  Why didn’t those clients come back again and tell all their friends about it?

Besides that, I haven’t actually pictured myself being successful at giving readings.  (The Star) IF that is truly what I want to do with my life, then I must visualize it and feel a passion for it.  Hmm. There’s a hint.  I don’t really feel a passion for giving readings.  That would be my husband’s idea and he is also the one who keeps telling me that I am the most accurate psychic he’s ever met!  While that comment makes me feel good, it is very biased and based on the fact he hasn’t met all that many.

Back to the reading.  The princess of Pentacles and the King of Wands could represent me and my husband.  I’ve never been known to keep money for long and he’s never been know to be able to follow a plan.  Another meaning could be bad news about finances or one of us may lose a job.  And that one of us may just be him.  (He is part-time right now and there has been a huge decrease in work availability.)

And then the last card.  The Fool Reversed.  I am not looking at the reality of our situation.  As we currently live, there is no way that I can make enough money by myself, at my regular job, let alone doing readings, to cover all of our expenses.

Take away/message

So what do I take away from this reading?  I really do have a good job right here.  I’m good at it and I can visualize myself in this position, making money, for at least another year or two.  (The Star.)

And financially we are doing ok at the moment, but there are no large sums of money in reserve to cover anything should something catastrophic happen.  Again, that goes back to needing to stay where we are until those reserves can be built.  (Ten of Pentacles & Princess of Pentacles).

Emotionally I need to do my best to suck it up.  In the past I glamorized my future by believing that I would someday be able to retire and still have all the luxuries I have now.  According to these cards, (Six of Cups and the Fool Reversed), I would be really stupid to believe that I have the kind of time it will take to build the kind of nest egg I will need to get me through 20 to 30 years of not working.


So, when a witch gets tired of working for a living and just wants to be free to do what she pleases, how does she make enough money to pay for it?  Readings can’t cover everything.  Even growing and selling herbs won’t cover much.  I guess the key is to reduce expenses as quickly as possible.  Cut everything back so we are living on just one income and the other person’s income goes directly into savings.  Don’t incur any new debt and maybe after a year or two we will have enough money to buy a piece of property without a loan.  Something with a decent place to live with lots of off-grid amenities.

I can only hope that our health will allow us to fulfill this dream of mine!  We aren’t very young any more and that’s only going to get worse!

Thank you for reading.


Many changes so far in 2016!


2016 has brought many changes to my life.  Changes that I wasn’t really expecting.  Honestly, I thought 2016 was going to look a lot like 2015.  You know, work, eat, sleep, and do it all over again tomorrow.  Well, that’s not the way things are happening this year!

First, my employers made a decision about where they wanted to move the office and when it was going to happen!  It took the first 4 months of 2016 to get all the details lined out and the new office constructed to their liking, but we have finally moved in!  Is this a positive move?  Absolutely!  It means that I am the Office Manager for a company this is actively growing!  And our office is big enough to qualify, at least in my world, as an exercise opportunity!  We are located on the second floor of a building and spans one city block.  So walking to the break room and back to my office to get a cup of coffee is increasing my exercise goals!  Yippee!

Another positive thing about the move is that I no longer have my back to the main entrance of the office!  I’m actually clear at the other end of the building, can’t even see the door from my desk, but I’m still the one who has to answer the doorbell when people come to visit!  Ah well, another plus for the exercise!

The second big change happened to my son.  He had been living with his girlfriend of over 5 years when their relationship hit the rocks.  My son went into a deep depression while his girlfriend packed all their things and left.  She at least gave me all of his things since he was in the hospital so he didn’t lose everything.  He just lost her.  She had been is anchor, his rock, and his only support system.  And now she was done.  After a few weeks in the mental health system, he decided to move out of state to live with a friend who has suffered many of the same issues he’s had.  So far, living in another state, away from all the memories of life here seems to be working for him.  At least, I hope it is!  As his mom, I just want him to be happy, safe and loved.

My third big change concerns my daughter.  She is the baby of my family but she is no longer a baby!  She has a partner and two kids of her own!  And the good news is that she and her family have moved to a small town that is within 30 minutes of me!  They used to be about 3 1/2 hours away!  Of course, my husband and I had a LOT to do with helping them get moved!  But that’s beside the point.  The point is, my baby had moved back home and is now close enough for me to have the opportunity to get to know at least two of my grand children!  change wordle

And it’s not quite the end of May yet.  I have no idea what other changes the universe may have in store for me this year.  But I hope it’s not too many more!  I like my routine.  It’s safe!

There is another change occurring.  This one is about me.  Me and getting older.  When I was younger, I was very skinny.  It was hard for me to put on enough weight to keep me warm.  My doctor once told me, when I complained about my tail bone hurting whenever I sit for any length of time, to eat more ice-cream and fatty foods.  He said I needed to gain weight.  So I did.  I LOVE ice-cream and fatty foods!  I love food!  But I still couldn’t gain the weight.  Then I turned 40.  Suddenly my clothes started getting too tight and it was getting harder to breathe.  I went from 120 lbs up to 135 lbs.  Wow!  I was actually filling out in all the right places!  Finally I felt like a girl complete with curves!  (My husband however thought I was getting fat.  He didn’t like the changes.)

When I was 45 I quit smoking.  You know what happens when you quit smoking?  You find things to put in your mouth that aren’t cigarettes.  Like cookies, and other “bad for you” snacks!  I gained more weight.  Then we moved to Colorado and I got homesick.  So homesick I ended up really depressed.  I put on more weight.  And other health issues started appearing on a regular basis too.

Now, I am 51.  I weigh 170 to 175 lbs.  I can’t seem to find clothes that not only fit comfortably but also look good on me.  And my overall health?  Sucks!  That’s right!  It sucks!  For the past several years, I have converted most of my diet to organic.  I am of the opinion that our foods are being manufactured by huge corporations that have no moral obligation to do what’s right.  The ingredients being used for the processed boxed and canned foods that we think are safe, have never been tested or approved by the FDA!  All the mystery illnesses and chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes are coming from our foods and our environment!

When I was 26 and raising my three kids, I never really thought about what’s in our food.  My thought was that it couldn’t be sold on the grocery store shelf unless it was good for us!  Boy was I wrong!  And now, 25 years later after eating all those chemically altered foods, I am struggling to just feel good.  And my husband is struggling with his own version of depression.

When will we wake up and take back our lives, our health, and our country?  How did we let the corporations take over?  When did we stop buying foods that are “in season” and start forcing plants to produce when its not a natural time for them to produce?  When did we stop preparing our own foods for winter storage?

Things to ponder as we move forward in 2016.  I am hoping with the added exercise from the new office, continuing to eat as organic as possible, and having opportunities to spend time with my family, will help me to add more peace and happiness to my life.  My goal is to be happy and satisfied no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m with.  Baby steps will get me there.

Thanks for listening!waynedyer384143 Changes


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