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This year, the Winter Solstice, and the new moon happens on Sunday, December 21st!   The Solstice is at 5:03 PM CST and the new moon is at 7:36 PM CST.

This means that Sunday is an excellent day to take the opportunity to start something new!  Instead of waiting until New Year’s Eve to make your resolutions, you should start on this year’s Solstice and new moon!  The extra power generated by both happenings will help you to stick with your plans better than any other day of the year!  That is, IF you truly are ready to make the changes in your life that you are proposing!

I don’t want to go into the history of this winter holiday.  It seems that everyone has a plethora of information about the history!  I want to share with you what this season means to me and how I got to where I am with it!

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Seasonal Depression


Every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas I start feeling really depressed.  This is called “Seasonal Depression” and is caused by several different reasons.  The first reason being the diminishing sunlight.

As a person born under an earth sign, I am sensitive to the changes in the seasons and in the weather.   Because of this sensitivity, you would assume that I would probably function better if I lived in a more temperate environment with fewer fluctuations in the weather.  Not so.  I have come to realize that I need the fluctuations as much as Mother Nature does!  So, instead of letting the lack of light beat me into a dark depression, I cheat.

That’s right!  I cheat.  I have found that I function much better when I have a bright lamp with a full spectrum bulb sitting next to me on my desk while I work.  It’s not exactly like sunlight.  I don’t get sunburned.  But it makes me feel better and reduces that groggy, brain fog, feeling I get when the greys take over!

This isn’t a perfect solution and it doesn’t solve the whole depression.  But it does help.

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Another reason this time of year is so difficult is because it’s my birthday.  That’s right, I was born on Christmas Day.  And let me tell you something, it’s NOT “Cool”!  It really sucks!

When I was little, my parents did their best to separate Christmas from my birthday.  But it was always Christmas first, birthday second.  Do you know how hard it is for a kid to understand that they will never be special enough to have their birthday come first?  Not ever?  And then to be reprimanded or scolded whenever they complain that everyone else gets a birthday all their own that they don’t have to share!  It taught me that it was selfish of me to want my birthday to be a special day just for me.  And if I wanted a special day all to myself, I would have to choose a day other than my birthday to do it.  Why?  Because Jesus is more important and more special than everyone else on the planet.

This concept has scarred me for life!  I have so many self-esteem issues, and perfectionist issues, and, I won’t go on.  I’m still learning how to overcome these issues on a daily basis.  Even as an adult, I still feel bad if I choose to take the day to myself and I stay home in my jammies and do nothing for anyone else.  One day a year to think of only me.  Yeah, still doesn’t work very well.  And yes, I still feel guilty.

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I mentioned sharing my birthday with Jesus.  But then there is the holiday itself that tends to cause major depressive issues for me.  And really, it’s not just me.  There are many, many, people around the world who get depressed at Christmas time!  And it’s not always because they are alone.

My theory is that we are taught from an early age that Christmas is about giving to others.  We celebrate Jesus’ birthday by giving presents to other people.  Especially people we love.  All the world is supposed to be kind hearted and loving toward each other.  Perfection in love is the goal.  How do we accomplish this?  We decorate our houses so that we have the most lights to show we love Jesus more than our neighbor does.  We buy Christmas trees and put them in the window to show our neighbors that we love Jesus more than they do because we have a bigger tree with more lights and better ornaments.  Then we prove that we really love Jesus more than anyone else by going into debt buying presents we can’t afford for ourselves to give to other people we don’t even like.  Yeah, I would have to say I’m pretty jaded about Christmas.  And it doesn’t help that money is ALWAYS an issue this time of year even without throwing in buying presents for others!

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Yule/Winter Solstice 2014

That brings me to Yule.  Or the Winter Solstice.  When I realized that my belief system didn’t mesh with my Baptist upbringing, I began to realize that the celebration that means the most to me is simply the change of the season.  When I take the time to recognize the natural rhythms of nature, then I am also celebrating my own connection to those rhythms.  Unlike with Christianity, where I felt disconnected and foreign.  The natural rhythms of the universe make more sense to me.

And it isn’t like how nature religions are portrayed in documentaries either.  It’s not about on god dying and another one being incestually born to take their place.  It’s also not about being afraid the world will end if I don’t do anything to celebrate either.  It just about taking the time to acknowledge my place in the universe and they rhythms that we all fall under.  Period. That’s the long and short of the whole thing!

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New Moon and Winter Solstice

So tomorrow, the solstice is at 5-ish PM and the new moon will occur around 7:30-ish PM.  To “Celebrate” I am planning to have a fire in my fireplace, (Why go out in the cold to have a fire when I have the ability to have fire inside?), watch football, and at some point I will write a “prayer”, (I call them spells but they are the same thing as a prayer!).  What about, I’m not sure yet.  I haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to have manifest in my life.

You see, you have to be careful about what you ask for when you cast a spell.  If you ask for more money, you might actually end up with less time because you are working lots of overtime.  You’re getting the more money but you are paying for it with your time.  If you ask for good health you might end up with huge doctor bills.  You’ll end up being well or cured or better off, but to get their you might need the help of a doctor.  So, when you cast your spells, word them in a way that is beneficial for everyone involved.


The bottom line is this, this year’s Winter Solstice and new moon could give you the kick start you have been looking for to set your life path on the right track!  My goal is to continue learning how to be a more authentic me and leave behind all the things that damage my perception of myself.  What will you change this year?

I wish you all a Happy Yule and a Festive New Year!


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