This morning I was checking on my LinkIn account to see what jobs might be available.  Yes, even though I am running this website, I still need an income!

Anyway, I ran across this article:  Step Into Your Weakness.

Liz Ryan has this way of writing that puts things out there in a simple, yet not condescending way.  And this article hits home for me.

FearWhen I left my last job, it was fear that sent me out the door.  It was a small company that was struggling financially in today’s lousy economy!  And everyone there was afraid the company would fold.  And everyone there had their own issues and behavioral changes that were associated with it too.  Me included.

And as an empath, I had a very difficult time figuring out if my panic attacks were actually mine or theirs.  I finally realized that it didn’t matter who’s emotions were overwhelming me, I just needed out.

I just couldn’t handle the exponentially increasing negativity that was beginning to be spewed from the bosses mouth.  And the fact that no-one’s ability to support themselves was safe from his arbitrary chopping block.  Everything became a knee-jerk reaction instead of a well thought out plan of action.

When the boss took away my favorite project, I felt hurt and cheated.  I had poured my heart and soul into building their website and getting the blog going.  There was still months of work to be done to get our rankings back, but, it got yanked out of my hands and given to another.  My self esteem plummeted.  My fears increased.  And my ability to bring home a decent paycheck disappeared.

Since leaving, I started working on this site.  I thought that I would be able to survive just fine without a “real” job.  That’s not happening either.  But in the search for a replacement source of income I am finding that I still have perception issues.  I still have insecurities.  And I am finding it difficult to compete with those who are younger, more willing to work for less, and who have a Bachelor’s Degree in something.  Which I don’t.

This article actually helped a little in getting me to focus on what I am perceiving as a weakness.  I have yet to turn it into a positive.  But I know that it will come.  In the mean time, I will keep looking.  That perfect job for me with the right company is out there.  I will eventually figure out where!

Are you going through a period of unemployment?  Are you considering changing careers?  Have you recently changed careers?  What are you doing to get through these changes?  Have you found any sources that have helped you that could possibly help the rest of us too?  I would love to hear your stories on this topic!

Thanks for listening!