I have just finished uploading the new picture gallery for next herb topic on my list, Thyme!  So far there are only 21 pictures out of over 300 possible varieties!

Lemon Thyme 'Doone Valley'

Lemon Thyme ‘Doone Valley’

Thyme can be used for so many things!  From cooking, and cleaning to medicinal uses!  In the garden, Thyme is not only an aromatic plant that smells good every time you brush past it, it’s also beautiful when it’s in bloom!  The colors of the flowers can be white, pink, maroon, fuchsia, and even a bluish-purple.  The leaves can be variegated with green, white, silver, and yellow.  Some varieties grow upright, but many also grow very low to the ground.  They create these beautiful dense mats of green that can even be walked on without damaging the plants!

So, go ahead and take a peek at the gallery to see just a small handful of the varieties available, and then come back in a few days to check out my full article about how to use Thyme in cooking, cleaning, and even some medicinal purposes!

Here is the link to the new gallery – Thymus (Thyme) (or you can click on the picture and it will take you there too!)



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