Butterscotch, Popcorn, Flapjack snack bars

Butterscotch, Popcorn, Flapjack snack bars

I work in a really nice, quiet, engineering office and even though we are close to a convenience store, I just have a hard time finding healthy things to snack on.  That is until I found Graze.com!

Here’s what it is, you go to their website and sign up.  Yes you have to give them a credit card!  Then you go through their list of snacks and let them know which ones you absolutely don’t want so they won’t send them to you.  You choose your size box and how often you want them delivered and then they send them too you!

I got my first box last week and the snacks were really tasty!

Use this code DEED8D93P to claim your first free box!  If the code doesn’t work, here is the link:  http://www.graze.com/us/p/DEED8D93U

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